Branded Retail Product

Anticipating changes ahead. Bringing smiles to the dining table The Yonekyu brand.

Expanding sales by enhancing brand awareness-Nationwide
Branding Strategy

Underpinned by our professional-use products market, our business structure is our foothold for genuinely stepping ahead with our strategy to expand sales of consumer products. We are striving to raise Yonekyu brand awareness to expand sales through schemes such as shortening gGotemba Kogen Arabiki Porkh into the catchphrase gGote Ara Po!!h, which is being used in the TV commercial renewed in autumn 2013.

Yonekyufs Delicatessen brand: Creating meals for the coming generation.

In addition to our highly acclaimed professional-use products, we now anticipate consumer demand to increase for Yonekyu delicatessen products. In 2013, we launched the consumer-style chilled product Zeppin Sauce Hamburger as well as collaborating with Fujiya Milky to launch the frozen product Peko-chan Milky Dog. In this way we are developing tempting products that confidently meet the needs of consumers.

Responding to shifts in consumer needs

In our delicatessen category, we are energetically introducing original products such as Demiglace Meatballs and Stick Potato Norishio, while in the meat category, to meet rising demand for easy-to-prepare meals, we are accurately pinpointing the shift in consumer needs with the launch of products - like Yaku Dake! Benrina Ajitsuke Niku in the Mother Chef Series - which are real hits.

Arabiki Frank ranked the No.1 bestseller in the frankfurter category.
Our market share continues to grow.

Our domestic market share is steadily increasing in the ham & sausage category. We take pride in knowing that our consumer-orientated development of products carry all the hallmarks of Yonekyu quality. On top of our ever-popular ham products, sausage is becoming massively popular too in the retail stores. Among these, the Arabiki Frank, one of our main items, was jointly promoted in collaboration with a major seasoning manufacturer to stimulate additional demand. This promotive activity achieved the No.1 position for three consecutive years in a row, namely, from 2011, in the frankfurter category of the Nikkei POS Data rankings.