Global Business

Making worldwide partnership to secure stable supplies through origin cultivation. The food of the world scrupulously selected by Yonekyu for everyday dining in Japan.

-Imported Processed Food-
High quality and stable supply.
Overseas processed foods.

YONEKYU U.S.A., Inc., manufactures delicious sausages using high-quality, fresh North American pork. Strict quality control is observed at all times, including random checks of raw meat by technicians dispatched from Japan. The pork is transported in refrigerated containers to maintain superb freshness so that it can be processed as is and shipped to Japan. Our Super Boo all-pork sausages are produced with chilled North American pork and Australian salt. So, with fresh raw materials and an original recipe, this product is highly acclaimed by both commercial buyers and consumers. Among the sausages currently being imported from America, we are proud to say that the Super Boo has by far the top share in Japan. On top of that, we are also importing Kara-age and Tatsuta-age types of fried chicken as well as Chijimi, etc., from Thailand, and cabbage roll and Yakitori, etc., from China.

-Overseas meat channel-
Thorough pursuit of the Yonekyu standard for food safety
and quality assurance.

Our imported meat is not only distributed to retailers as table meat, but also to our production plants as raw material. In addition to constantly being in quest of freshness and higher quality along with stable supplies, we also strive to provide tangible levels of peace-of-mind through clear traceability.

♦Seaboard Pork / American Pork
We import fresh pork directly from Seaboard Foods Corpfs processing plants in Guymon, Oklahoma and St. Joseph, Missouri.

Juicy Mugibuta / Canadian Pork
We import chilled pork directly from Olymelfs Red Deer plant in the Province of Alberta. Nine Yonekyu designated farms raise hogs in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies for supply to Olymel.

Omugishiage Sangenton / Canadian Pork
We import chilled pork directly from Maple Leaf Foods Corp's Lethbridge Plant in Alberta. The meat comes from specifically contracted farms where Sangenton hogs are raised with care and consideration.

Tokibi Gyu / Australian Beef
Imported directly from Beef City in Queensland, where the cattle are corn-fed and raised in natural surroundings.

Kaiyo Dori® / Thai Poultry
Thai poultry carefully selected by Yonekyu is used as raw material. Seasoned with deep sea salt from Izu Oshima Island and herbs at a domestic production facility, our Kaiyo Dori® has a tender and savory taste.

♦Denmark Pork / Danish Pork
From 1995, mainly concentrating on raw materials for processing, we commenced working with the pork industry in Denmark, a major pork exporter. And, in 2011, we received HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honour for the contribution we have made to the expansion of Danish pork exports and growth in the economy.

♦IPC / American Pork
We import raw materials for processed pork products from the Indiana Packers Corporation in the State of Indiana.