Product Development

The spirit of development that caters to diversified requirements. The spirit to stepping forward placing needs before all else.

Convenience store styled products flying high thanks to
Yonekyu's speed, flexibility and high added value

Constantly at the cutting edge of product development to be one jump ahead of food booms, convenience stores place the utmost trust in Yonekyu thanks to our swift, dynamic response from the moment a proposal is put forward to the development of samples and onto final production. In particular, we make full use of our business specialties cored around table meats and processed foods, winning acclaim for the ability to offer product possibilities that are well balanced in terms of quality and price, such as our Tonkatsu and Meatball products. Indeed, we also are earning support for our high added value product strategy, where we develop products such as sandwiches filled with our top-end Roast Beef and Roast Pork products.

Expanding markets in the realms of dining out and the readymade meal industry thanks to stable quality and great ideas for marketing promotion

Family restaurants and tavern diners are in accord when it comes to richly praising Yonekyu's quality and pricing. Together with our marketing promotion sensitively tuned to pick up on consumer needs, we also offer processed chicken products and sausages. Moreover, thanks to stable quality and pricing, our markets are expanding even in the readymade meal industry for the likes of cooked dishes sold in supermarkets.

A bold, new departure in the frozen food business
- high class Chinese food brand Dairyu

We established a Frozen Food Division in March 2013 to properly meet the challenges in the frozen food industry. And now we are earnestly accelerating forward with our high-class Chinese food brand Dairyu. Emphasizing domestic production for all products, such as Ooebi Chili Sauce, Sui Gyoza, Harumaki and Kani-iri Fukahire Soup, we take every care to recreate authentic Chinese flavors, and are winning acclaim for our pursuit of high quality.

Putting extra creation into prepared dishes to set off a new sensation in the professional-use delicatessen market

Cored around supermarkets, restaurants and convenience store chains, the professional-use delicatessen market is witnessing rising demand for prepared foods like professional-use Tonkatsu and Chicken. Our constant and keen efforts, like putting original items that go beyond the realm of table meat into the market, earn us our current acclaim. We get ideas and ensuing product development to perform for all business channels and we move forward with zest to break new ground in uncharted territory. We are putting extra creation into prepared dishes to set off a new sensation in the professional-use delicatessen market.