Sales Channels

Our channel strategy: focusing one step ahead
Hotseller born from flexible and unique ideas

The proposal-type sales approach to convenience store chains
and restaurant chains.

Yonekyu was the first one introducing the stickers on the package showing menu suggestions and recipes that can now often be seen on the corner of packages. In recent years, on the other hand, our Arabiki Frank product, which was marketed particularly in collaboration with a major condiments and seasoning manufacturer as new type of business procedure, is enjoying increased sales. Our epoch-making new style proposals, such as recipe suggestions that match up with the consumption season on the side of Niku Dango and Sui Gyoza packages, for example, offer our products to be prepared even more tastily. This type of activity has brought a breath of fresh air into the industry. By expanding such promotional activities even to the fresh meat category together with a major condiments and seasoning manufacturer, it has drawn the attention of the industry being regarded as a revolutionary idea.

From Hokkaido through Kyushu; ever-widening network of sales branches.

In order to expand our sales area throughout Japan, Yonekyu is moving ahead with increasing the number of sales branches in its nationwide network. We established first Shikoku Sales Office in Kagawa Prefecture in September 2011 and also opened a sales office in Kagoshima Prefecture in February 2012 in order to enhance our response capabilities in the local virgin market. Next, we established a Metropolitan Area Office in Tokyo in April 2012 and also the Niigata Sales Office in October 2013 to provide even better sales services to mass merchandisers, convenience store chains and restaurant chains.

Direct sales site also applauded as product choices increase

From our direct sales site yonekyu-eshop we deliver Yonekyu Group products and microbrew beers directly to the homes of our customers. Our Kosai Roast Beef and our massively popular Butaniku Miso Nikomi, which boasts sales exceeding 1.3 million units and also has received the Rakuten Net-Market Gourmet Award a staggering five times, are just two of the 60 specialty items available on-line, and, indeed, the lineup is getting bigger.