Quality Assurance

Unique safety standards to guarantee Yonekyu quality. Converting intangible peace of mind to tangible food safety.

All products checked every single day.

Quality Assurance Department carefully checks items produced by the Yonekyu Group, from raw materials to production processes and through the logistics stage every single day. All of our own quality standards, more rigorous that than the Law demands, are strictly observed. We also take particular care to check food safety of meat products, using a food radiation monitor with its detection data to ensure that radiation concerns are dispelled.

Traceability data available on our website.

Origin traceability data relating not only to domestic beef but also to Kaiyo Dori® poultry using imported material from Brazil are available on our website in order that clients can check every process from farming site through retail distribution to customers. We have also created a production and distribution traceability system for ham and sausages that displays information as to safety of the products to assure peace of mind.

Giving consideration to anxiety-free use by listing storage instructions, etc.

We also make it our mission to clearly display storage instructions and details of allergy-causing substances on packages to provide consumers with helpful information. We pay particular attention to safety since our products come into direct contact with the mouth.

Customer Inquiry Center; think of tomorrow reflecting consumer enquiries.

Our Customer Inquiry Center invites our customers to inquire calorie-counts, nutritional values, cooking expertise, best-by dates and other queries or requests relating to our products. The opinions of our users are invaluable resources not only for product development but also for marketing aspect.